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Whenever managing a construction scheme, the elimination of risk and reduction of costs are at the forefront in the list of priorities for any project manager.

Ground clearance of site

Ground clearance of site

ITS are committed to helping clients achieve their targets via accurate mapping of buried obstacles allowing for greater confidence during construction, improved safety and ultimately timely completion on site.

If you are a designer, developer, builder, property manager or utility company, Invar Technical Services will provide you with the right site survey for your needs.

An accurate site plan of surface and sub-surface features will not only help you avoid costly repairs to underground assets, but it will also help you identify health and safety risks to site personal during excavation, construction or demolition works.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to deliver exactly what is required on site in order to reach client expectations.

The benefits of using us include:

  •  High level expertise and accuracy on site
  •  A "one stop shop" for surveying services
  •  Eliminating risk and potential costs
  •  Consultancy approach to every project
  •  Quick turn around of results, meeting project specifications in full
  •  Very competitive pricing

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