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ITS employ the latest non invasive techniques to detect, position and provide depth information on pipes, cables and drainage services.

Utilising conventional cable location tools such as electro-detection equipment, we also employ Ground Penetrating Radar techniques to locate plastic pipes, voids, fibre optics and other underground anomalies.

The saying that the equipment is only as good as the operator is especially true in our field of work, we feel that our staff are at the top of their profession and have accumulated a considerable wealth of knowledge after years of experience. Combined with using leading edge equipment, we know that we can provide a service that offers confidence, clarity and value for money on your project.

RD receiver unit in hand

Tracing Electric and BT cables

With our non invasive techniques, we can supply the same information as conventional excavation methods but without the disruption and exposure to NRSWA related requirements and the costs that these activities carry.

Surveys can be employed for tracing of all utilities present on site or for specific purposes such as:

  •  For the identification of a clear route when installing a new service
  •  For tracing one particular utility
  •  As an Electronic Trial Hole

The applications are varied and can be tailored to your needs.

Buried utility information can be provided as a simple mark out on the ground, or colour coded data overlaid on to your topographical plans as or as a full topographical survey incorporating our positional findings. Normally all drawings we provide for clients are in CAD files but again we have the facilities to cope with any other desired formats.

Radar image of buried utilities

Radar Image of buried utilities


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